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Today I will make you discover one of Cameroon‘s two most famous beach resorts: Kribi. Located in the southern part of the country along the Guinea Golf, you will have to drive around three hours from Douala before arriving there.

The road leading to the city and the area being globally safe compared to the western part of Cameroon made Kribi one of the favorite destinations of Expats and wealthy Cameroonian people desiring to rest for the weekend.

With everything in place regarding activities and shops, you have what to do to have a good time: golf, lovely beaches, discotheques, bars, waterfalls, and boat rides to pygmy grounds on the Lobe river. I can assure you that you will not be bored.

In this post, I will share the activities I had this weekend.

Kribi's Harbour

Have a Lunch at Lobe Waterfalls

If you cannot leave on Friday afternoon, you better depart early on Saturday morning. Then, drop your luggage at the hotel and head directly to the Lobe waterfalls, a few kilometers south of Kribi.

You will be right on time to order your lunch. I strongly recommend you to have gambas, shrimp or grilled fish. While your meal is cooking, you can swim or even have a boat tour to get closer to the Lobe waterfalls.

Not as majestic as the Ekom-Nkam waterfalls, it is still a beautiful place.

Enjoy a walk on the beach

Kribi will offer you kilometers of pristine sandy beaches where you can have walks. The sunset’s light is terrific at the end of the day, making the seashore a perfect place for all lovers who come to admire the view.

Compared to other sea places in the world, you will not find a lot of shells there. Nevertheless, you can still use your time in another way, for instance, lying down on the warm sand and drinking freshly opened coconut water.

Meet interesting people

You may have the chance to meet interesting people on the beach, at the bar or in the heart of the city. Indeed, you just need to be open to discovering new people, ways of living, or thinking. In facts, many artists or famous people live or spend their time there (Yannick Noah, the famous French tennis man and singer included). Also, it is not rare to meet dancers or actors shooting for video clips.

On this picture the dancer: @garcon_determine_offishial shooting a video clip with his team.

Sit at “Le Debarcadere”

Grab a beer and order a grilled fish at “Le Debarcadere”: a fish market where they will cook you freshly fished fish at an excellent price.

I suggest you to take your time to enjoy the moment and notice the full diversity of people and characters evolving in the place.

You just had a small overview of what you can do in Kribi. There are still plenty of things to do and where to go out. In another post, I will give you more practical advice, addresses, and tips about things to do in the area.

Sit at "Le Debarcadere"