Young Ladies from Garoua

Album: Three Days in Northern Cameroon

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I am thrilled to present to you my latest project – an album showcasing my three days in Northern Cameroon. The trip was an incredible adventure, filled with breathtaking scenery and unforgettable experiences. From exploring the mineral gorges of Kola to interacting with the locals and indulging in the local cuisine, every moment was a memory worth capturing.

The album is a carefully curated collection of pictures that captures the essence of my journey in the Cameroonian Sahel. Each picture tells a story and transports you to the beautiful landscapes and cultural treasures of Northern Cameroon. Whether it’s the stunning views of Kola Gorges or the bustling markets of Garoua, the pictures bring to life the richness and diversity of this beautiful region.

Kola Gorges Overview Album

D1 – Uncovering the fascinating Kola Gorges, the album

Are you prepared for an exciting adventure in the open-air mineral world of Kola Gorges in Northern Cameroon?

Young Ladies from Garoua

D2 – A Day wandering in Garoua, the album

A day visiting this Sahelian little gem called Garoua, the region capital of Northern Cameroon. Put some suncream and let’s visit the city!

D3 – Exploring the enchanting Beauty of Lagdo Lake, the album

Today, I felt a sense of excitement pulsing. I was embarking on a journey to one of the most beautiful places in the region – Lagdo Lake